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Supportive Care Programs

Caring for the whole person, not just the diagnosis

Our comprehensive cancer care integrates advanced treatments with many support services to help patients reduce stress, manage side effects and improve healing. These programs are made possible thanks to the generosity of our fundraising partner, the Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara.

Genetic Counseling • (805) 879-5653

Our licensed genetic counselors help patients and their families understand and manage their risks for developing cancer. Genetic testing is also available.

Oncology Nutrition • (805) 879-5652

Our oncology dietitian nutritionists help patients develop a plan for good nutrition which can improve side effects and well-being during and after treatment.

Patient Navigation • (805) 879-0660

Our patient navigators guide patients and their families through their cancer journey by liaising with healthcare providers, identifying resources and helping to remove barriers to care.

Oncology Social Work • (805) 879-5690

Our clinical social workers help patients address psycho-social challenges through counseling, crisis and stress management. They offer assistance with benefits, insurance, transportation and
financial aid.

Education & Resource Library • (805) 879-5648

Our Resource Library provides current, comprehensive information about all aspects of cancer. Research assistance is also available.

Support Groups • (805) 879-5690

A wide range of support groups give patients a welcoming place to share feelings and challenges with other people who have gone through similar experiences.

Wellness Programs • (805) 879-5678

An array of classes, including yoga, meditation, painting and more, help patients and their caregivers achieve a calmer mind and healthier body.

Beauty & Boutique • (805) 879-5690

Personalized image consultations as well as a selection of wigs, hats, and prostheses are available at the Boutique.

Acupuncture • (805) 879-5677

Acupuncture appointments are available to help patients manage symptoms including pain, neuropathy, nausea, fatigue and anxiety. 

Scalp Cooling • Contact your physician

Cold cap systems are available on a limited basis to help patients retain their hair during chemotherapy.