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Mission, Vision and Values

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve as a regional destination for oncology services that ranks with the best major treatment centers to ensure we deliver superior care to our patients, close to home, regardless of means to pay.


 We aim to keep the Central Coast at the forefront of modern cancer care through the:

  • recruitment, development, and education of highly trained medical staff
  • timely acquisition of new medical equipment
  • active participation in clinical research
  • integration of oncology services
  • continual introduction of promising new methods of treatment

To be a regional resource to which both the public and the medical community can look for leadership regarding the diagnosis, management, and prevention of cancer.

To be a source of continuing support to cancer patients and their families.


The values that guide us are:

WELCOME warmly and sincerely
ENGAGE wholeheartedly
ASK questions to deepen understanding
REASSURE best interests are in mind
EXIT with appreciation and thanks

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