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Mar 11, 2022, 15:07 PM by OnCenter

Ridley-Tree’s Nuclear Medicine Department is now using a radioactive agent called PYLARIFY® (F18-PSMA) to provide more accurate and earlier detection of prostate cancer than our previous imaging methods. This diagnostic tracer, approved by the FDA in May 2021, helps physicians in two scenarios: 1) when a patient is newly diagnosed and the physicians want maximum information about the prostate cancer’s location before treatment, and 2) when a patient who was previously treated for prostate cancer has a blood test that suggests cancer has returned.

“Conventional imaging is limited in terms of its ability to find prostate cancer in the initial staging, and when determining if the disease has recurred or spread,” explains William Pace, MD, Nuclear Medicine Physician. “PYLARIFY® provides us with exceptional clarity and precision that can find and track the spread of prostate cancer much earlier, giving our patients better information when deciding on a treatment plan with their doctor.”

Plarify x-ray

F18-PSMA / PET-CT imaging has greatly advanced how urologists and oncologists can view prostate cancer metastases and how they stage the disease. In patients with an elevated prostate specific antigen (PSA), Pylarify® was able to detect the location of the recurrent disease in nearly 2 out of 3 patients, when the disease was undetectable by prior imaging methods.

In addition to the advances in diagnostic imaging, RidleyTree Cancer Center recently opened a clinical trial utilizing lutetium therapy in the treatment of patients with newlydiagnosed metastatic prostate cancer. This process involves injecting a radioactive molecule (lutetium) into the vein, allowing a high dose of radiation to be delivered straight to cancer cells in any location within the body. This therapy, available in Germany for many years, improved outcomes in patients who received but progressed on chemotherapy.

The medical oncologists and the nuclear medicine physicians at Ridley-Tree hope to bring this treatment to patients earlier in their course of therapy, even before receiving chemotherapy,” remarks Gregg Newman, MD, Medical Oncologist.

To learn more about PYLARIFY® or clinical trials, speak with your Ridley-Tree physician or call (805) 879-0670.

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